Our approach makes Lynwood Capital different

Lynwood Capital is entrepreneurial in spirit. Our philosophy and firm size is well matched to the middle-market and growth-stage businesses in which we invest and help to grow. We have funded situations that normally would not meet the criteria of other venture capital or private equity investment firms.

These situations may include but are not limited to:

  •     smaller transactions with companies that have exceptional prospects
  •     no-asset-value service businesses
  •     companies facing a major transition (financial, legal, managerial, market-related, etc.)
  •     corporate divestitures of smaller orphan divisions, and all types of special situations, including turnarounds
  •     low- and medium-tech startups

Our objective

Lynwood Capital’s objective is to acquire, start up, or invest equity capital in growth-oriented companies, typically in partnership with management teams and senior executives, as well as with other private equity partners where appropriate. We are willing to make both control and minority investments. We will start new businesses with an entrepreneur. Lynwood Capital and its principals have invested in a multitude of companies across many industries with a variety of transaction structures, from minority growth equity investments to majority control leveraged acquisitions.

We invest expertise and private equity capital in companies to maximize their value

The principals of Lynwood Capital have a deep appreciation for the challenges and complexity of growing a company and seek to bring their expertise and experience to management teams and entrepreneurs at the Board of Directors level. We focus on the long-term success of our companies. We work actively to invest expertise and capital to maximize company value. This investment can take the form of helping recruit senior management, identifying and negotiating acquisitions, formulating strategy, and financing growth.

In specific situations such as a strategic acquisition or a major restructuring of a company’s business, Lynwood Capital's principals or our private equity business partners with direct experience in a particular industry sector are ready and willing to provide hands-on assistance to management teams. However, our philosophy is to allow managers of our companies a high degree of operating autonomy.

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