philosophy & Strategy

Our philosophy

Lynwood Capital is acutely sensitive to the management demands of running a business. We know that our management-team partners make the day-to-day decisions and perform the balancing act required to take enterprises to the next level of growth. We recognize that management teams build strong, valuable businesses. Lynwood Capital’s role is to help management to progress, grow, and prosper.

Lynwood Capital is willing to make private equity investments over the long term, always tailoring transaction terms to the particular circumstances that exist at the time. We are not structured like a typical private equity or venture capital fund with hard and fast guidelines. Lynwood Capital is opportunistic, nimble, patient, responsive, and we offer management teams a great deal of autonomy.

Our strategy

Lynwood Capital ascribes to the investment principle that you do not need to make very many private equity investments if you make a few very good investments—quality over quantity. We have earned a reputation for integrity, prudent transactions, and providing management incentives to motivate superior performance. All of our investment decisions strive to reinforce this reputation through our investment strategy:

  • Provide the necessary resources—people, private equity capital, time, and expertise—to grow businesses.
  • Achieve the financial goals and non-financial objectives of all constituencies in an investment situation.
  • Maintain a values-based company culture where people come first.
  • Apply the Golden Rule to achieve a high-performing business.
  • Bring to entrepreneurial, middle-market companies the same sophistication, professionalism, and enthusiasm achieved by world-class companies.

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