Acquisition and venture capital for companies and entrepreneurs

Lynwood Capital is a private equity investment firm based in the Rocky Mountain Region that acquires and invests in businesses with initial values from startup to $100 million. The firm and its partners have a successful twenty-year track record of owning and growing such companies in a variety of industries across the United States.

Supplying capital, contributing experience, fostering growth

Our investment approach has several key elements: a buy/build/hold strategy, a partnership-based business model, and a relationship philosophy predicated upon honesty and forthrightness between all parties.

Lynwood Capital differs from mainstream private equity or venture capital firms in that we have no investment “formula” or investment limitations. We are flexible enough to structure transactions to meet the specific needs of company owners, family members, management, boards of directors, and other constituencies with a stake in a business. We do not have arbitrary or institutionally mandated exit time horizons as do many venture capital and large private equity firms.

Lynwood Capital partners with businesses in a variety of industry sectors:

  •     natural and wellness
  •     distribution
  •     specialty materials
  •     B2B services
  •     manufacturing
  •     natural resources

We are “know-it-when-we-see-it” investors

Our vast experience in equity funding allows us to readily determine if we are the right fit for a business seeking an investment partner. Generally an initial phone call and a preliminary review of basic information regarding a private equity investment opportunity is enough for us to ascertain compatibility and the potential for growth and success resulting from our contributions of expertise and capital. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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